Dream's In 3D

by L-Biz

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Buffalo NY Elite MC L-Biz Celebrates okhis 10th and Final Album with the release of this 13 track masterpiece "Dream's In 3D" ...
With production by EZ onda Beat, Jimmy Dukes, SdotFire & more


released December 16, 2016

Written, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered at ISB Music Lab
By: Donald "L-Biz" Foreman for iStayBizzy Music

Additional Writing & Concepts By:
Malcolm "So EZ" Edwards for One Dream

Art Design By: Michael "XL" Martin for XL Photography


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



L-Biz Buffalo, New York

Artist, DJ & Creator of I.S.B. Music and iStayBizzy lifestyle brand. Hailing from Buffalo New York, L-Biz is one of the most electrifying artists of his genre. Blending intensely witty lyrics, Biz has captured the ears of audiences from Spain to Portugal and back to Italy. So, it's not hard to understand his slogan, "Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Bizzy!" ... more

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Track Name: Get You Sum
L-Biz (Intro)
Real -- Real -- Real -- Real --- Ahhh --- Ahhh!!!....

L-Biz (Verse)
Close my eyes for a second in felt so uncomfortable
If I snooze and I lose where the hell does the money go
Ain't tryna do none of you niggas favors
If you my foe then we crowding yo table
With so many mouths to feed in my stable
We doin' it indie, don't share with no labels
Tryna turn all of my dreams to reality
But my status depends on my salary
You keep the celery, I want the bread
For calories killers put prices on heads
Yeah I might die recreating these visions
Ball in my sleep and wake up on a mission
Searching for multiple revenue streams
Need more than a mention, a like, or a listen
It's lessons in every loss
Even when you winning it got a cost
So many claim they the boss but you lie
Know one of you fuck niggas cooking the fries
Think you deserving a piece of the pie
Reaching for mine you'll be missing yo mind
You ain't part of the team I don't owe you a crumb
Stop wasting yo time nigga go get you sum
Nigga go get you sum

L-Biz (Hook)
You don't grind you don't dine at my table
No work then you don't get a piece of mine
I work hard for this shine and a piece of mind
Why you think you deserving a piece of mine
You niggas ain't mentally stable
Thinking I owe you a dime or a crumb
If you want it then get up and get you sum
If you want it then get up and get you sum
Nigga go get you sum
Nigga go get you sum

Track Name: Dream's iN 3D
L-Biz (Intro)
Track Name: Bankroll Crazy feat. SoEz
So EZ (Hook):

Don't Play With My Paper x 4
I Need My Bankroll Crazy
Bankroll Crazy x 3

L-Biz (Verse)

Ok I'm Back Up On My B-I-Z, I Be Fly
Damaging These Beats Then It's Off To The Triage
You Claim You Poppin' Tags But You Shoppin At a Kiosk
If Bird Is The Word, Bet Yo Flocks Fulla Peacocks
Let Me Stop
Playin' Wit You Niggas
I Gotta Go Get This Money, Cause Wifey She Wanna Live Lavish
Joking Around Wit My Cabbage
Lunatic You Must Be Outta Yo Rabbit
If Cheddar Gon Better My Status, And I Got Habits
I Gotta Have It
I Gotta Flip It, Stack It, Stash It
Some In The Ceiling, More In The Mattress
Bankroll Crazy, No Straight Jackets
If I Throw Some Girl You Better Get Yo Basket
Don't Be Passive
Scared Funds Never Made None, So You Gotta Invest In Yo Talent
But, Don't Be Playin' Wit My Paper
Cause I Ain't Talkin' Hoes When I Say We Got Ratchets
Catch A Speed Knot Playing In Traffic
L-Biz Be A Cash Flow Addict Yeah!

So EZ (Hook)

Don't Play With My Paper x 4
I Need My Bankroll Crazy
Bankroll Crazy x 3
So EZ (Hook):

Don't Play With My Paper x 4
I Need My Bankroll Crazy
Bankroll Crazy x 3

L-Biz (Verse 2)

While You Mackin' For A Dinner Date
I'm Stackin' For Some Real Estate
Nibble Off My Kibbles, I Might Beat You With My Dinner Plate
You Trappin' Or You Livin' Straight
That's Hustle I Would Never Hate
But Show Up To The Party Late
Then You Don't Get No Birthday Cake
Trick This My Party
I'll Spazz Out If I Want To
Stop Actin' Funny, Go Get Some Money
Quit Sweatin' Them Niggas, They Don't Want You
I Got Lambo Dreams & A Impala Income
I Need All My Points With The And 1
When I Pull Up In A Tan One Wit A Tan One
They Throw Shade Cause They Can't
And Biz Bring The Heat With No UV
Only Taking One Cause It's Too Seats
If You Backin' Up For This Loose Leaf
Got Plan B for these Groupies
They On X, That's Group E
I'm A Cool G, Not Coogi
But A Ice Tea, With a Cool Breeze
And I Grind Hard For That New Cream
Yo Birds Dip For That Blew Cheese
You A Stand In Like It's No Seats
I'm A Stand Out And I'm About Green
So Don't Play

So EZ (Hook):

Don't Play With My Paper x 4
I Need My Bankroll Crazy
Bankroll Crazy x 3

L-Biz (Bridge)

If I Ain't No Money
Then I Ain't Got A Smile On
Grindin' For That Chicken So Them Chickens I Can Style On
If You Playin' With My Money
Who You Actin' Like A Child On
Ain't About The Benji's Leave Leave Leave It At The Dial Tone

So EZ (Hook Out)
Track Name: Doing Me
L-Biz (Verse 1)

Woke up with the sun like it's time to go get it
Get showered get dressed then I throw on my fitted
This piece on my wrist reminds me of my mission
That Moola that Gouda it's time to go get it
Got green backs I'm a preying mantis
Greetin' to the leaches that be tryna take advantage
Seein' Bizzy eatin' you beggin' to get a sandwich
Dough is on the way I feel it every time my hand itch
Get cha own hustle don't worry bout what my plan is
Wave ridin' niggas pick up ya board and vanish
Know you on ya hustle when you beatin' up the canvas
Dream it then believe it, whatever I want I can get
Yes it's, Loyalty, Hardwork, 5P's, Nigga please
Cutthroats don't wanna see me breathe
Wouldn't bless my life if they heard me sneeze
But I ain't gotta be at choo to be at you
Revenge is gettin' ends, that's what I do
I ain't gotta get fly, you bet I flew
Biz cold sick flow, you bet I Flu
Trendsetter, I ain't followin' a damn thang
Shooting for the stars, steady working on my aim
Whole city rock wit me, I ain't gotta hood claim
Downtown, Alma Ave to the grave, click bang
Going hard in the paint
I be Shaqtin' a fool and a mess
Pack tools put cha chin in ya chest
Hit ya head, fuck a vest
What's Next...
I'mma move to the left
Toward the money the power and the respect I guess

L-Biz (Hook)

Yo Block Live, Yo Crew Ride, Go Figure
Yo Chicks Bad, You Get Cash Go Figure
You Sold Drugs, You So Thug, Go Figure
But I ain't worried bout you niggas, Naw

I'm just doing me, nigga I'm just doing me (2x)
I ain't worried bout you, nigga I'm just doing me (2x)
It' ain't all about me, but it's all about me, so nigga I'm just doing me
I ain't worried bout you, so nigga I'm just doing me (2x)

L-Biz (Verse 2)

Man I'm tryna see my daughters in college
Make every tuition deposit honest
Tryna stay outta the streets where the gun speaks
Only reason I'm living cause of my quick feet
And yo bad aim
Talk about how much you get it, do you make change
Ever felt pain, or spread life
Or do you take it with a glock to the dome or a knife to the windpipe
Tryna see my family straight and live legal
Never worried bout jail or commissary
Doing me going hard for my people
Hate taking premature trips to the cemetery
Cause when they go, a part of me go to
And when they grow, a part of me grow to
But when they lose, a part of me don't lose
Knowing there's a lesson in everything we go through
So I make moves, and break rules
Biz ain't never been the average joe
Never subpar bars or an average flow
So why would I follow the status quo
Cause they don't wanna see me shine
But you better believe I'm gon glow
And you better believe I'm gon get that dough
So when you gon tell me something that I don't know
Huh Nigga

(Hook Out)
Track Name: G Thang (Dreezy's Song)
L-Biz (Verse 1)

You tryna get physical
Baby let me inspect that
Back shots, give you back shots
Let a nigga inject that
Stretch the walls, Renovate that kitty
Beat it like a bar room brawl
And I shows no pitty
So tell me what's ya safe word
What's ya safe word
Put cha ankles in the air, In the air
Got you moanin' cause it feel good
But it still hurt
When you playin' on some real wood
Get a splinter, UH
Tappin all on that black berry
Hope you gettin' my message
In the bedroom, making fireworks
This type of love is so festive
Just tryna feel that honey
Drippin' on my body
You tryna get to this money
No need to be modest
Oh Wow, hot damn
Call yo girlfriends
Cause ya ass so big I'mma need just a couple more hands

L-Biz (Hook)
Ain't nothing but a G-Thang
Baby won't you let a G Bang
Slide off that G-String
Have you singing like Dreezy
When she say
Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea, Yay, Aye
When she say
Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea, Yay
Aye, Aye

L-Biz (Verse 2)

5'4" with them heels off
When you keep'em on, you the right height
Then I flip it and slap it you throwing it back
Cause you love when I stab with the right knife
How she twerk it she's my dutty whiner
Need ID can't be freakin' with minors
Dig so deep you would think I'm a miner
Diggin' deep like I'm reaching for China
You don't need designers to hide
Cause yo curves and yo skin is the softest
You say you like girls
I don't care bout them skeleton bones in yo closet
I just wanna get close to you
Say the word and baby we gon ride
You know I seen you in the videos
You know I heard you on the radio
I'm just tryna get yo attention
You ain't gotta be my girlfriend listen
In the bed I bet you ain't, Lazy
Deepthroat till ya eyes look, Crazy
And I bet ya pussy so, Tasty
Let me sop that up like it's Gravy

L-Biz (Hook 2x Out)
Track Name: Clean Up feat. LaShawn
L-Biz (Verse 1)

Bizness, bet I mind mine
I ain't going till I'm older than a fine wine
Situation sticky, throw the peace sign high
My niggas dirty, I'll be quick to turn a blind eye
Got time to be judging a man
If I'm sinnin' I would never throw a stone at'em
Got a socket then I'm pluggin'em in
He my dog so I gotta toss a bone at'em
Pause but we all eatin'
Struggle but we all decent till we all feastin
Cause the law want us all leakin'
Locked up or we six feet deep
Swimming up shits creek and
Losing ain't part of my policy
I guess Bizzy's a bit of a novelty
I'll consistently be an anomaly
Till the day I govern your curiosity
Envisionin' lappin' in luxury
After I capture it Hooligans fuck wit me
If I clap'em I'm oxymoronically trap in the thuggery
Dogin' a felony
Cause I'm peacefully promotin' violence
Loudly I'm beggin' for silence
Seamless but live like I'm broken
I get confused when I'm focused on dollars (3x)

Lashawn (Hook)

Ain't no way we losing
Way too busy winning
Hustle for that dinner baby
You can do the dishes
Better mind yo business
For you lose your life
Do you dirty, heard the preacher say
He Clean Up Nice
Cause when we
See'em we spott'em
Shoot'em, we shot'em
Get'em, we got'em

Lashawn (Bridge)

He said put'em in a Gucci suit
When he burried, bet he lookin' cute
Live fast, die fast too
Cause when you hustle, only cash rules

L-Biz (Verse 2)

Tryna cop what they cop duckin' cops for the cream
Guess the trap is a trap, what a marvelous skeam
Bizzy itchin' for digits to live like a King
Been resisting the fact I'm no more than a fiend
Let me tell you what I mean
Alexander McQueen on the jean and the tennis shoe
That's a hell of a visual, see what my mental do
Now I plot for residuals
Cause I really want them tennis shoes
Could I be principal lacking the principles
Of a heavenly deity, who would believe in me
Knowing I'm selfish and miserable
When my salary's suffering
I see you buffering, wondering
How are we similar
Carnally speaking, I'm thinking
The greed of 2 beings is the common integer
Different hustles but common expenditures
Separation is the key
If you wanna be free
Better start breakin chain's
But, hey don't take it from me
Ask all of yo homies in lock up
And all of the one's who are resting in peace
Caught in the belly of the beast
If they would change a thang
Or would they still say

Lashawn (Hook Out)
Track Name: 30 Minutes
L-Biz (Verse 1)

I done worked
8 hours plus 8 in the studio, I'm tired
But girl you on my mind, as usual
Tryna use the last 8 to get super close
Roll up a couple tight J's of that super smoke
Let the lighter kiss the candle wick
Drippin' hot wax on ya body, can you handle it
I'm tryna pull up to ya bumper till the fender bend
And I assure you, I'm insured
I can afford the damages
Fresh squeeze girl, I love it when yo juices flow
Sex on the table sugar, you can call it sucrose
Science lesson, wanna penetrate yo crevices
God left a wound near ya womb
Let me fill it in
Right where I belong
Underneath ya skirt and blouse
Right behind ya thong, Uh
Let me kiss the kitty like the white folks
They got a tendency to fall in love with they animals
We do it like the animals
This is more than puppy love
Since you got the ring, ain't no need for the glove
Feel it getting closer to the climax
Watching yo sillohuette like it's IMAX
Aww Shit, Damn

L-Biz (Hook)

I'm already finished
It's only been 30 minutes
Where the hell did the time go
You love it when I beat it like a bongo, go
(You already finished, nigga it's only been 30 minutes)
Where the hell did the time go

L-Biz (Verse 2)

Sex with my contacts on
Girl I need to see that ass in HD
Record the session, turn yo iPad on
Baby please don't let it leak
You know Imma celebrity
Now let me spread
That baby oil on yo back side
I love the way the candle light, make yo body shine
I call you wifey so that mean that heffa all mine
No bullshitin', hit it till it's dry as raw hide
Bringing heaven to the earth when it's deeper
You calling Jesus, I'm killing it like the Reaper
Pardon my analogy, I'm focused on my strategy
You got me thinkin', Lawd I hope she got some fresh batteries
Cause yo pussy splashing like a monsoon
It's like you tryna sink a nigga pontoon
Feel it getting closer to the climax
If you ain't reach ya peak, press rewind
Watch the play back

L-Biz (Hook 2)

I hate to say that
I'm already finished
At least you got another 30 minutes
Girl I gotta go to work in the morning
I don't regret it, when we sexin'
I enjoy it

Track Name: Wake Up
L-Biz (Hook)

6 o'clock in the morning
Tryna to savor this moment
It's time to get to the money
You know a nigga be on it
These birds keep on calling
They know I'm bout to be ballin'
Grinding at the crack of dawn
You niggas still yawing
Tell me, Why the hell you sleeping
Get yo ass up
Too much money in these streets
For me to pass up
Tell me, Why the hell you sleeping
Get yo ass up
To much money in these streets
For me to pass up

L-Biz (Verse 1)
They ain't on my level, how they claiming they adjacent
Churning out these records, yes I'm milking every placement
Professor with the pen, so when I ball they'll call me Grayson
Searching for my zipper, I won't tell you where they face went
And she got a friend that's a twin, I'll be Cliff Paul
Niggas asking if I need assistance
Shit Nah!
With the women and stacking chicken
Don't need no help with it
Less you talking addition, ain't no need to discuss business
I always feel like, somebody's watching me
Bizzy handles the rock well like Rockwell
I gotta answer when the money's calling me
Never getting a shocked shell if stocks fell
Catch me grinding through the recession
Learning lessons, receiving blessings
Regardless of my transgressions
You know that
I stay bizzy with my teammates
Barely resting but when I'm resting baby
I sleep great

L-Biz (Hook)

L-Biz (Verse 2)

Lobster bisque, with pasta shrimp
A mobsters dish, who sponsored this
Baby the hustle did it
The consequence of confidence is obvious, they riding with
To pay my wood a visit
We cloud kicking, dream weaving and wave running
Closer to the top, and my God
The view is so stunning
Astounded by my meteoric ascension
We sippin' bubbly beverages, grabbing groupies attention
I mean...
I always feel like, somebody's watching
Bizzy handles the rock well like Rockwell
I hear'em hating but it never really bothered me
Success is best served with dough earned and hot shells
The smoking gun is all this winning we doing
It's Stil'a Hustle, pay attention yo it's more than the music
You know that
And iStayBizzy wit my teammates
Barely resting but when we resting
Baby sleep great

L-Biz (Hook Out)
Track Name: When I'm Dead feat. Jimmy Hu$tle
L-Biz (Verse 1)

I can see the lifestyle that I wanna live
Cause a nigga stealing cable
Inhale, exhale breathe when I clock in
9 to 5 got me feeling unstable
Working for the man, man I got ambition
Dope boys got me tempted to whip it up in the kitchen
What the hell is the point,
In class I always paid attention
Just so I can work till I'm 80 and get a pension
Shit, you gotta be kiddin'
I need that, duffle fulla green backs
With 200 on the dash, no tolls I speed pass
Kinda money got bunnies sayin' yes
They don't laugh like they use to
They just drop draws when I cruise through
OG gave me the recipe
Said you cook it, chop it, bag it and hit the streets
Don't wanna go to jail again
So with the rhymes, put in overtime
This is musical excellence, guess it's time to overgrind

L-Biz (Hook Full)

I had a bad day nigga I'm a mess
Yeah, I got 2 - 3 of them bitches, but I need 4 - 5 mo checks
Fake niggas steady working my nerves
Sucka niggas love seeing me stressed
Go harder than the rest, got damnit I'm tired
Thinking I deserve a rest
J/K nigga, No Way Nigga
I'mma Sleep When I'm Dead (4x)
No Grind No Shine Nigga

L-Biz (Verse 2)

Late nights and early mornings while yall be yawning
The road to the riches, Yall ain't on it but I be on it
Tunnel with the vision, when it's all about the digits
Got my eyes on the prize
Like a prize fighter chasing down a chicken
You a pigeon, miss me with that bird talk
Only after the checks, I dodger Clinton Kershaw
If it's hoes over dough, I'd be worse off
Sucka for a booty that be soft as a Nerf ball
But I gotta stay focused on the game plan
8 Figures, tryna come up for the summer fool
So I'm politic'n Jimmy Hustle that's my main man
While they fall off we be winning in the winter too
Now that I got the reciepe
Add the hustle with the grind and then hit the streets
I ain't worried bout 12 tryna put me in a line up
Nigga iStayBizzy I'mma grind till my times Up

L-Biz (Hook Partial)

I'mma Sleep When I'm Dead (4x)
No Grind No Shine Nigga

L-Biz (Bridge)

No days off, 365
If you ain't gettin paper, why the hell is you alive
See the grind don't stop, cause the money don't sleep
My nigga I want it all but the price ain't cheap

Jimmy Hu$tle (Verse)

You won't catch me sleepin' less I'm layin in a coffin
The hustle don't quit nigga, no days Off
I say, everyday I'm on, you will never catch me slippin'
But I might switch spots if the feds out creepin nigga
I don't make excuses nigga Jimmy make plays
Fucka a baller blocker nigga Jimmy make waves mane
Jimmy got hoes mane, Jimmy got work mane
Jimmy make it shake, make the whole block twerk mane
Only way you losing if you snoozin my nigga
The money bag got the bad hoes choosing ya nigga
I get the bread and the butter bitch I'm lookin' like a roll
Never half way, if I spend I buy a whole
I'm a lowkey nigga, blow OG nigga
Soaked up all the game from the OG's, Killers and Robbers
Cleveland & Buffalo fulla mobsters
And them hustlin' ass niggas
Fuck a 9 to 5

L-Biz (Full Hook Out)
Track Name: Million Dollar Question
L-Biz (Verse 1)

Vibing to the beat by the beast, you hear me feast
Erecting my reputation, I'm rising with no yeast
My passion's returned home, it's lonely when she leaves
Now it's time to make the Dough Nuts, Bizzy roll up ya sleeves
Cause I sang a hook for Jada, Styles, Sheek don't mean I made it
I tryna be the new nigga infiltrating your play list
Striving towards my goals, while the country implodes
If it's a secret, social media quick to expose
I got talent and substance, they be like what's ya budget
You can't show'em you makin' money, time to change the subject
Saving every dollar, reason you don't see me out in public
Finding balance with my music, kids, and my woman
Heavy prayers being sent, I know you hearing me
When life's the darkest, I can't see but still you steering me
That's why there's not another artist putting fear in me
Biohazardous Raps till Miramax Mirrors me

L-Biz (Hook)

So what's the world coming to
When you can be this nice
They more concerned with your image
Than the imagery when you write
Yo what's the world coming to
Won't somebody please shed the light
They want you to sell your soul
And they want you to pay the price
Answer these million dollar questions

L-Biz (Verse 2)

Spoke to my homie So EZ, he said we gettin' close
Impossible cause I be barely leaving Buffalo
Plenty success around me, feel like I'm missing the boat
Got me thinkin', Fuck a 9 to 5, I shoulda sold dope
Wanna trade in my pension for social recognition
Sounds nice, but facebook likes won't pay Chrissy's tuition
People won't even spend a buck with you
But, you assuming they really keep it a buck with you
Like I'm playing the game of life, with all spades
Bet on me homie, I promise we gon be hella paid
That's what they all say, but they don't all got it made
It ain't about the hand, it's bout the man
Can he really play
Niggas say they keep it real, but the game fake
Niggas say they handle beef, but it ain't steak
Niggas say they down to ride, but they can't rake
Cause when it's time to leave, you find the in the same place
And hardwork trumps talent nigga any day
Any Day

L-Biz (Hook)

Yo what's the world coming to
Won't somebody please shed the light
They want you to sell your soul
And they want you to pay the price
Answer these million dollar questions

L-Biz (Verse 3)

My people lost like slaves that never made it over
Can work a triple beam but barely know how to read
Just to rock the biggest chain and latest Range Rover
But when you go, what legacy you leaving for ya seeds
If you ain't standing for nothing must be an ampute
Still you wish ya pockets was fat as the biggest matinee
Crime life is just a tease, got the softest niggas hard
Pause the movie, send'em to Juvie, he just a baby boy
Chief Keef wannabe's, sellin' and rebellin'
Tested by the streets you either passin' or a felon
Banking on ya homies an cronies, they really tellin'
Still you risk it, you a baller when Dwayne Johnson sellin'
Cops killing people for nothing and locking dealers up
Jeffery Jordan making millions off the inmates
Guess it's got a deeper meaning seeing stocks jump
They clap you or they capture you, either way
They be getting cake, Uh
With high risk comes a high reward
Or CO's and those steal doors
We either rich and perinoid or we struggle and hope
Cause Life's a puppet show and God is controlling the ropes

L-Biz (Hook Out)
Track Name: That's Life feat. Janita

Life's a Twisting Rollercoaster on the Run
I get no warning when the bad turns are gonna come...

Verse 1:

Tippin' on this flask, Dusse in my canteen
Working hard but still it seems that I ain't did a thing
Stuck in the hood, tryna make a way
Hours in the studio but, it don't really pay
Wife is on my case, screaming something gotta change like
"So what if labels calling, mortgage still gotta be paid" and I know
I gotta provide, hate that look in her eyes
Only a matter of time till we say our final goodbyes
And I'm holding on for dear life
Feeling like a deer in headlights
Even thought bout ending my life
But I'm too strong to quit this fight
So, I'm falling to my knees, praying to my God
Knowing anything that's worth having's gonna be hard..but damn
Why Me?
Why am I always the brave one?
Even superheroes might need to be saved once
All these twists, turns, ups and downs got me nauseous
But Imma ride until it's time to see my coffin, WORD


Life's a twisting rollercoaster on the run
I get no warning when the bad turns are gonna come
It's a journey with no certainty
So I'll make my peace with whatever will be...
It goes...

Verse 2:

Fickle fans, janky promoters and gold diggers
Part of the territory when your name is getting bigger
Dappin' up deceivers with velvet ropes in between us
They smile and compliment, but we know they don't really mean it
(Ain't even made it to the top)
Still I feel like I done seen it
Vivid pictures as I shoot at the stars, vacate my zenith
What I tell my competition, only competition is me
As I stain this composition, thoughts made permanent with this ink
I think it's more to life then this money
(But how will I know it if I never got it?)
It's so many things that I want...
(But why do I want it if I can't buy it?)
That's why I'm grinding everyday, hit my knees and pray
Asking God for more wisdom
I know I ain't trying my hardest, and my all is all that I can give him
When them critics give me stress
They get what's next to my index
Then it's back up on this rollercoaster chasin' after them checks
Can't tell these niggas how you livin'
Deep inside they really women in they feelings
Tryna sabotage your mission
But Hey That's Life....
Track Name: For The Lo
We Do It For the Lo...

L-Biz (Hook)

Working day and night, good and bad weather
Rick James b****, get ya get up off my leather
If the price is too high, them you gotta go
Or do it for the love, do it for the Lo
Shorty out here working just to get the dough
If you do it for the love, do it for the Lo
Homies out here Trappin' gotta get the dough
I do it for my city, do it for the Lo

L-Biz (Verse 1)

You say you seen it, them I prolly done it
It's StilaHustle, secure the bag like we checking luggage
It's Nothing
The haters hate it, but the hires love it
They be tryna f***with Biz sense i had a low budget
You Cuffin'
I'm grinding all day, laughing to the bank now
Hit the dice game screaming, what the bank bout
Born & raised down the way, but I'm uptown
Seis Dos get the dough, they don't know droughts
Betta believe getting cash
Got the chic's calling
Shovel pass to my lads, we be pin balling
Stay in yo lane, for the weak show no pity
And I Stay Bizzy forever, welcome to Nickle City

L-Biz (Hook)

L-Biz (Verse 2)

You say my city broke, I say you trippin' nigga
I know some traps up in the jungle that be clicking nigga
And if you got it, you can come up on a whole thing
I know some pushers with that water out in Cold Spring
Blow Steam
Shottys they be dumping
Say yo gun blame, huhman
Why you niggas frontin'
F*** around be on the news for the wrong reason
Clap you then snatch ya Old Bay
When it's grill season
Them wolves great in the Lo
Leave yo Sole High, on the west side
Catch a Colombian bow tie
No Lie
Dreamers hustling for Every Damn Penny
Shooting rockets like hAkeem
Always with the Semi
Welcome to Nickle City

L-Biz (Hook)

L-Biz (Bridge)

Ain't gotta wonder where I'm from
Or who I do it for
B-U-F-F-A-L-O Hoe!
Rep my city the fullest
You already know it's...
B-U-F-F-A-L-O Hoe!