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Product (RMx) feat. L​-​Biz

by L-Biz



The 3rd Installment of the Trinity EP series ended with a Phone call from my homie Jimmy Dukes' manager Smiles. He said, "A yo Biz, we made the mixtape God (he from Yonkers, they talk like that out there). I'm like "word, don't gas me!" He said, "Not even gassin' you my dude, Sheek in the booth recording his verse right now!" ... 7 days later, Trinity 2 drops and we (Jimmy Dukes and I) are not on it... so of course I thought the worst... But to my suprise, a week after the Trinity 2 drops, a Mixtape "Trinity 3" is released featuring this song... The original version has just me singing the hook, but they showed love and let me run with a remix and added a verse! "Salute to LOX" We Are The Streets


Sheek Louch Verse:

Nigga, hate me or love it
Cocaine and crack rocks was my only budget
Bagged up crack wasn't mine, I couldn't touch it
First whip bought a Navi, the Porche I couldn't touch it
Product of the Streets, Product of the Riches
Product of seeing the hustlas with all the bitches
Product of the guns, product of the fights
Product of the ice and how it's lookin' in the lights
Product of the homeless, product of the beggin'
I love Obama but I'm a product of Reagan
Then I started rap, other niggas was tryna put their foot in the door
We was tryna put our leg in
Product of the pimps, product of the talk
Product of the Yankee hat, product of New York
Product of the crooked cops, product of the court
Product of my workers always coming up short
Product of the dealers, product of the fiends
Product of B.I.G., product of the Queen
Product of my money, 9 with the beam
Product of the LOX, always reppin for my team muthafuckas

L-Biz Hook:

I got the shooters at the front door
And the car for the getaway
Dreams taking too long
Still a nigga gotta get paid
See I ain't tryna hurt nobody
Still I'm down to rob me a nigga
Or you'll see me hustle hard
Just to move that product
Cause I'm a Product

L-Biz Verse:

Said I'm a product of products that put pressure on PDs
Gottem wild'n inciting riot violence for TV
I'm a product of the projects, known as the TGs
57 Trammell where I started this rap dream
I'm a product of ass whippins life lessons
Product of cousins I call brothers who kept me outta the prison system
Product of the slips, and falls, and bounce backs
And them goons who told me that I don't really need a strap
I'm a product of that 88 Delta with the stash box
Product of customers who hated buying yo bad crops
Product of the hustle, the pressure, the ambition
Product of prayer, no luck, it's God given
Since I'm sentenced to this life on earth, the devil's jail
Guess you could say I'm a product of hell
That's what we livin' in
Product of parent's who was products of go getters
I Stay Bizzy doing me, ain't a product of no nigga fa real


Jadakiss Verse:

I'm the offspring of Debbie & Bob
Matter fact, I'm a product of society so let me evolve
I'm the profit of the sales that you catch in the night
I'm a product of the residue that's left in the pipe
I'm a victim of police brutality
I'm the product of a kingpin salary
I just got a natural born killer mentality
I guess I'm a product of Mickie and Mallory
I'm the product of the beamers, floor model zeniths
When rich was still alive, A was workin' at the cleaners
Product of the 38s, product of the ninas
Never let nothing come between us
Product of the beetles, yeah, tied up in the diesel
Heron era, I'm a product of the needles
Get it right now I got product on the block
I'm from Yonkers, NY
I'm a product of the LOX muthafuckas


Styles P Verse:

I'm a product that's moving that product
From an alcoholic pops, blocks full of narcotics
Dirty little niggas keep they guns in the garbage
What you had for breakfast, nothing or porridge
I'm a product of late nights and no sleep
Life's a game and I'm sittin' in the noise bleeds
I need product to produce, I can proceed
I live fast, blowing weed at a slow speed
I'm a product of county jail and group homes
I'm the boss and the killer that'll shoot for'em
I'm the product of the villain so I root for'em
I'm the product of the Benz, I got a coupe for'em
I'm the product of Nike Airs and Ralph Lauren
I'm the product of dope boys that's out scorin'
I'm the product of D-Block, product of the LOX
I'm the product of jack boys that murk the whole spot
What UPPP!!!!



released November 7, 2014
Written By: Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, Styles P, & L-Biz
Produced By: Jimmy Dukes
Recorded By: Dayzel The Machine & L-Biz
Mixed By: Dayzel The Machine at D-Block Studios, Yonkers, NY


all rights reserved



L-Biz Buffalo, New York

Artist, DJ & Creator of I.S.B. Music and iStayBizzy lifestyle brand. Hailing from Buffalo New York, L-Biz is one of the most electrifying artists of his genre. Blending intensely witty lyrics, Biz has captured the ears of audiences from Spain to Portugal and back to Italy. So, it's not hard to understand his slogan, "Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Bizzy!" ... more

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