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That's Life feat. Janita

from Dream's In 3D by L-Biz

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Just keeping it real during a transitional period. Truly enjoying the musical therapy that's been happening within my creativity. As I embark on this Dreams in 3D project, these songs are a reflection of the feelings, emotions and experiences I've been exposed to. Inspired by feeling of being so close to success that you can almost taste it...so close that it seems like the reality in which you live...but it's only a 3D image... Can't be held and fully enjoyed because it's not as real as the mind, body and heart desires it to be...but hey, That's Life! ... Enjoy #StayBizzy



Life's a Twisting Rollercoaster on the Run
I get no warning when the bad turns are gonna come...

Verse 1:

Tippin' on this flask, Dusse in my canteen
Working hard but still it seems that I ain't did a thing
Stuck in the hood, tryna make a way
Hours in the studio but, it don't really pay
Wife is on my case, screaming something gotta change like
"So what if labels calling, mortgage still gotta be paid" and I know
I gotta provide, hate that look in her eyes
Only a matter of time till we say our final goodbyes
And I'm holding on for dear life
Feeling like a deer in headlights
Even thought bout ending my life
But I'm too strong to quit this fight
So, I'm falling to my knees, praying to my God
Knowing anything that's worth having's gonna be hard..but damn
Why Me?
Why am I always the brave one?
Even superheroes might need to be saved once
All these twists, turns, ups and downs got me nauseous
But Imma ride until it's time to see my coffin, WORD


Life's a twisting rollercoaster on the run
I get no warning when the bad turns are gonna come
It's a journey with no certainty
So I'll make my peace with whatever will be...
It goes...

Verse 2:

Fickle fans, janky promoters and gold diggers
Part of the territory when your name is getting bigger
Dappin' up deceivers with velvet ropes in between us
They smile and compliment, but we know they don't really mean it
(Ain't even made it to the top)
Still I feel like I done seen it
Vivid pictures as I shoot at the stars, vacate my zenith
What I tell my competition, only competition is me
As I stain this composition, thoughts made permanent with this ink
I think it's more to life then this money
(But how will I know it if I never got it?)
It's so many things that I want...
(But why do I want it if I can't buy it?)
That's why I'm grinding everyday, hit my knees and pray
Asking God for more wisdom
I know I ain't trying my hardest, and my all is all that I can give him
When them critics give me stress
They get what's next to my index
Then it's back up on this rollercoaster chasin' after them checks
Can't tell these niggas how you livin'
Deep inside they really women in they feelings
Tryna sabotage your mission
But Hey That's Life....


from Dream's In 3D, released December 16, 2016
Written By: Donald "L-Biz" Foreman for ISB Music LLC.
Produced By: Jim "Jimmy Dukes" Salter for SFTA
Recorded at ISB Music Lab, Buffalo NY




L-Biz Buffalo, New York

Artist, DJ & Creator of I.S.B. Music and iStayBizzy lifestyle brand. Hailing from Buffalo New York, L-Biz is one of the most electrifying artists of his genre. Blending intensely witty lyrics, Biz has captured the ears of audiences from Spain to Portugal and back to Italy. So, it's not hard to understand his slogan, "Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Bizzy!" ... more

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